A-PET Sheet

APET is a material with high transparency and impact resistance. It is non-toxic, imparts no taste or odor to food, making it ideally suited for food packaging. APET is widely used as blisters for electronics and print-ing packaging.

It has better optical properties than PVC, PS, PP and PE. R-PET sheet used as FDA approved for food packaging – food containers and cup lids,Blister packaging for toys and electronics equipments, Computer prod-ucts packaging – keyboard, IC board, mouse & etc, and also in Graphic arts application.

Product Characteristics

  • Sparkling clarity
  • Very good ink adhesion
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Favorable economics
  • Recyclable and no noxious fumes
  • Good resistance to acids

R-PET films exhibit resistance to strong oxidizers, alcohol, and hydrocarbon solvents. In food packaging applications, R-PET films act as barriers to fat, grease, and oil. Depending on special packaging requirements, can coat R-PET sheet with silicone or anti-static/anti-fog materials.