PP Sheet

Very special formation of PP is extruded in wide range in terms of colors and finishing for printing and conversion.

The substrates of PP Sheet are soft & non whitening, and are also suitable for the manufacturing of Stationery and presentation products, file folders, stitching, riveting and more. This line of product is attractive, impresive and durable.

File Folders, Spiral-bound note books, snapped cases and boxes, CD holders, Vases, Packaging for Sporting goods, inventive writing utensils & packaging for food and beverages are made from PP sheet.

Product Characteristics

  • Light Weight and Easy Processed
  • Moisture and Heat Resistance
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Water and UV Resistance
  • Non-toxic

PP Corrugated Sheet is used for packaging, screen printing and floor protection, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications