R-PET Sheet

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (R-PET) Sheet is composed of either 100% recycled PET flake or both recycled PET flake and virgin PET material at percentages specified by the customer.R-PET is produced by collecting, sorting and recycling PET, then refining the material into flakes that can be turned into new products. Using R-PET as an alterna-tive to PVC is a huge step forward on the path toward a greener, safer and cleaner future.R-PET sheet with tight tolerances is ideal for packag-ing, laminating, and custom thermoforming applications. R-PET films are best suited for rigid packaging applications in industries ranging from food and medical to automotive. Compared to plastic resins such as PP, PVC, and HDPE, R-PET materials have high tensile yield strengths.

Product Characteristics

  • Very good transparency & clarity
  • Very good ink adhesion
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Excellent runnability
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Resists to oxodizers, alcohol & hydrogen

R-PET films exhibit resistance to strong oxidizers, alcohol, and hydrocarbon solvents. In food packaging applications, R-PET films act as barriers to fat, grease, and oil. Depending on special packaging requirements, can coat R-PET sheet with silicone or anti-static/anti-fog materials.